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Comprehensive Eye Care Center

Van’s Eyecare offers primary eye and vision care for every type of vision or eye problem. Difficult eyeglass prescriptions are filled with expertise.

Services include vision testing for eyeglasses, contacts, contact lenses, and cataract and Lasik laser eye surgery co-management. Dr. Van also administers exams and treatments for eye injury, disease and red eye.

After a complete examination, Dr. Van Amerongen and his board-certified opticians, Steve Guild and Kathy Wingert, will explain your results and help you decide what will work best for your situation and lifestyle. As a patient at Van’s Eyecare you have a variety of options for improved vision including eyeglasses, contact lenses, or laser eye surgery.

Our goal for you at Van’s Eyecare is healthy eyes and clear comfortable vision!

Meet Our Staff

Loveland Eye Doctor

Dr. Ken Van Amerongen


Dr. Van is an experienced and trusted eye doctor and vision specialist in Loveland since 1989. He is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatments of eye injuries, diseases and red eye. Dr. Van’s skills include cataract and LASIK laser eye surgery Co-Management for pre-op exams and post-op care. Call today to arrange an eye exam.

(970) 667-3445
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Loveland Optician

Steve Guild


Steve is a highly skilled optician with more than 40 years experience. His skills include the manufacture of special lenses for any eyeglass prescription. Difficult prescriptions are Steve’s specialty. See Steve for expert frame repairs, perfect eyeglass frame fittings, and general all-around good advice. Steve is the ‘go-to-guy’ for a solution to your particular eye wear problem.

(970) 667-3445

optometrist in Loveland

Kathy Wingert


Kathy is an experienced and trusted optician who will provide the eye-wear solution you need. She has the experience, know-how, and caring attitude that make her a joy to work with. Kathy is an expert at eyeglass frame fittings, and she understands the processes involved in getting your lenses exactly right.

(970) 667-3445


Van’s Eyecare

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