Blue light filter for healthy eyes

Blue Light Protection Glasses for Eye Health

September 1, 2020
    WE USE COMPUTER DEVICES MORE THAN EVER. If you or your children use a phone, tablet, or computer almost constantly, PROTECT YOUR EYES from blue light radiation. Blue light is everywhere. It makes the sky blue. The eye is not very good at blocking it. In concentrated doses, blue light contributes to digital eye strain. Blue light exposure from digital devices before bedtime can hinder sleep. Over time it may increase the risk of macular degeneration.

There are four things that can help prevent blue light radiation damage.

1 – Add a

blue light protection

filter on your device screens.

2 – Wear computer glasses, even without a prescription or if you wear contact lenses. 3 – If you wear progressive or bifocal lenses, get additional glasses with single vision lenses for computer use. 4 – Make sure your glasses have glare-reducing anti-reflective lens coatings that block blue light from both sunlight and digital devices. Ask Dr. Van or optician Steve Guild, about which type of vision correction and lens features will best help you and your family view your digital devices and protect your eyes from blue light radiation. For more information see the article, “Blue light: It’s both bad and good for you” at All About Vision.