Find the Perfect Tinted Glasses with High-Quality Lens Coating in Loveland, CO

For maximum viewing comfort, the lenses of your computer glasses should include anti-reflective coating.  Sometimes called anti-glare treatment, anti-reflective coatings eliminate reflections of light from the front and back surfaces of your lenses that can cause eye strain.   Some eye doctors recommend adding a light tint to computer glasses to reduce glare caused by harsh overhead lighting and to enhance contrast.  Tinted computer lenses also are recommended to block short-wavelength, “blue” light emitted from computer screens that is associated with glare and eye strain. Computer glasses from Van’s Eyecare can include special lens coatings to reduce glare and a tint designed to reduce or eliminate eye strain.  For more details about anti-reflective coating and tints for your computer glasses, consult your Van’s Eyecare professional.